“Love is something more stern and splendid than mere kindness.” - C.S. Lewis
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The path is long, the path is wide
Translucent sight descends in full abide
I see all of the women I used to be
And in a moment, they collide with all of the women
I have yet to foresee

Lucid fate, I feel you waning ever before me
Like a desert moon
It's all I have ever been able to see

Your light, your dark, drawing me from afar
Settling in, like the rise of a war

There is a new phase besetting upon me
From what I have been to what I will be

Perhaps I'm becoming the darkness of dusk
Tightly wound in the light of dawn
Love feels much like an empty plea
Yet, like the muse of a fawn
This desert moon still summons me



She believes that there is a deep interconnectivity that dwells deeply within us all. Spiritual and human connection has always been the driving force and inspiration for every piece of art and writing Lillie presents to the world. Her one goal is to help everyone who comes in contact with her art, feel and see a world they have never known before, a depth and beauty awaiting an awakening within themselves. Lillie is known for her depth of understanding, profoundly articulate nature, terribly honest words, and brutally empathetic, soft spirit.

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Part of this journey has demanded that I slow down in life and in my art.  I started shooting film because I want to slow down, be intentional, create each shot in a meaningful way. I love the colors, the softness, the classic, timeless feel of film. I have actually shot digital for years, trying to emulate film but was never quite satisfied.


As I grow, the depth and reach of what inspires me spreads far but there are a few things that stay consistent.


There have been certain people in my life that draw out the most creative sides of myself in the most unlikely ways. Sometimes that has been through love, through joy, and as life may go it also comes through rejection, through pain and loss. Catalysts to shift us from one point on our journey to the next.


I write a lot. I read a lot. Fiction. Nonfiction. Poetry. Lyrics. Short Stories. Novels. I have always been drawn to the way words could dance around a page, bring forth life from a blank page, cause a reader to feel what the writer is feeling, explain the mysteries of life so eloquently.


Anyone who knows me, knows the way my soul is with music. Some of the most inspirational songs are basically poetry with a melody.


Anything good I see in this world, others, or even myself is a reflection of the one who created all things and upholds them through the power of His word.  I love nature and anytime I get to be alone breathing in nature's untainted breath, I am reminded of Who is the most genuine, beautiful artist...Christ, the literal creator of all things. The one who takes dust and turns it to life, gives the dead breath again, the author of the greatest masterpiece, life.

My hope is that when someone looks at my art they see my heart: all my love, softness, light, emotion, deepness, beauty beyond the skin, joy, and vulnerability.

Warmly, Lillie

I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.


Lillie has been a professional photographer for over 7 years. At a crucial turning point in her journey as a woman, mother, and artist she began focusing on the art of photography and less on the business of photography. In her pursuit to live a slower, more intentional life she began to dive into the ever growing world and art of film photography.

One of Lillie's great callings in life is working with women on their spiritual and emotional awareness journey, helping women to see their greater purpose and calling in life. This is why, of all the photography Lillie has done, feminine portraiture has been the deepest and most meaningful. Using her softness and ability to see people for who they are she is able to create beautiful feminine portrait work.

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“Lillie Duncan has a natural way of capturing small moments and stretching them into beautifully poetic contemplative prose and poetry. Her work is place where wonder and knowing intertwine and soft innocence and fierce wisdom dance in fluid harmony. Something like a dream, a safe harbor and wildfire of blazing truth all combined.”

Quote from Victoria Erickson,
Author of EDGE OF WONDER and Rhythm and Roads


In 2018, Lillie opened up a Yoga and Barre studio in Keller, Texas called Kairos Yoga.

Lillie’s Weltanschaüng, the basis for her belief system, is largely an understanding that we are comprised of three parts: the mind, the body, and the soul. Far too often in our day to day functioning we utilize only one or two of these components. We tend to elevate one while suppressing the others. Because of this, we are unable to care for each one properly. Having spent the better part of a decade working within the Functional Medicine and Fitness community, the lack of connectivity to all three - mind, body and spirit - has become apparent to me, even here. We too often focus on healing one facet individually when we should be treating them as one. Her goal with Kairos was to create a space where individuals can reconnect to parts of themselves that are dying to be seen and heard through movement and community. Here, she aims to offer people a community, a tribe, focused on transparency and unconditional love. It is a space in which to gather together where we can remember how to function from that place of mind, body, and soul. It is somewhere she has needed in her own life.

Kairos is an intersection in your journey. One that will help her clients remember what it is like to breathe and move again. It is a place that will guide you deeper into self awareness and a deeper love for others and for yourself. Lillie has created a community of people that will ask the hard questions along side of you: What are the the things in life that I hold on to? What areas of life are no longer serving me? How can I extend kindness farther today? How can I forgive myself and others today?

All healing begins with recognizing the unique and carefully created bond between one’s mind, body, and soul.
— Lillie Duncan


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