Light of dawn, last breath of autumn
Slipping in quietly behind my person
This day, almost like another

A raven sat perched at my window
Whispering silence as her only offering
Ushering in a premonition, now only a memory

Across her body, out from the ledge
A fading season tells of winters looming return
Along the groves of life once known

Time beneath one wing
Silence beneath the other
Has there ever been anything as honest?

Everyday casualties within narratives we tell our self
It’s growth, her presence beckoned
The only way out of change

Today almost like another, I feel her still
Lingering like the gradient descend of a setting sky
She left with the turn of a season

Making her way across a barren land
Collecting what is rightfully hers
A mercy clothed in black.

Lillie DuncanComment