Already, but Not Yet

One day
You will find yourself
Deep within the valley of waiting

Where the dew upon the grass
Becomes drenched with tears of a weeping widow
Where the echo within the mountains
Fill themselves with the cry of a childless mother
Where the wind whispers your doubts
Into belief

Where the trees are rooted upon
The mourning of those who wait

In long suffering
You will wait too

Until kairos light appears
Illuminating the mighty river of life

There you will stand
Still beneath the shadow of your darkest day
With your hands scarred from grasping
Empty from striving
With your eyes cast down
and your heart so tightly bound

To a world that is not yours to belong

You must surrender
As if there was really any other choice
But this one
Release into this one moment
The already, but not yet
Let the river of truth
Wash over you like a mighty flood
And all that you held,
No longer will falsely hold you

Already, but not yet
Joy is coming

Holdfast beloved
Joy is coming

Cast your eyes ahead
Joy is coming


                                       Joy Is Coming

Lillie DuncanComment