Somewhere in Between

With the moon on rise
I feel the pull, just the same
This ocean that beckons me
Balancing on the edge of a dream and reality

Lines that run, lines that divide from side to side
Yet from where I stand
I still can’t see where the ocean ends and the sky descends, I’m drawn in

Sinking beneath this untouched language of the sea
Waves rise up with power, white capping all my love
I’m caught between this dance of nature and my heart

Been searching this shifting tide for anything to hold on to
For a way to keep this sun from setting

Yet night ascends, sweeping in like a thief
Golden rays diminishing beneath the sea, reflecting in my eyes
Whispers in the wind, shadows at dusk, my tenderness muffled in between

Oh, this ocean that beckons me
Just a few words left to fall from my salty lips
I’d sail your endless waters if only you’d let me

Lillie DuncanComment