My Kin

There is a light within that has been dimmed
Listen close
Can you hear my chest rise and fall in cadence with what's to come
Connecting me to the earth beneath

Your body below
Facing the east

Mine afloat this lofty surface
Watching the West

Do you see the light coming
All I see is darkness descending

The rain masks it's journey down
It's bleakness blending with the warm vehemence of my own

Each drop
Bringing down
Releasing my restless ache

Wash away these perpetual thoughts that leave me captive

Is it light you see
I see the darkness unfold

For a moment my body is a part of this consecration
We are really not that different
Even through the dusty space and piercing silence 



*In loving memory of my brother, Nathaniel Benjamin. 

Lillie DuncanComment