Suns of the Son

The motion of the sea reflects the power and lack of forgiveness that the sky reveals to us
Incapacitating beholders, whether it is known or not
The sudden realization that we are made of the same in that which we lay on
That all the suns we see, hold the same atoms, marked no differently from our own
Shining bright for thirsty hearts to see
To think this would bring one back to humanity and what we have left would be a natural assumption
Except we define being human as what is best for ourselves, defined as power, money, and murder
Not the same rays of light casting down on us, it is what we have created out of it, when all we see is too much for hurting hearts to bare

So … Give me Christ; so that He may pour out His own, 
over and over and over
Only to be empty of myself when twilight comes
Give me the sea, the mountains, the rivers, the valleys of life
Only to be humble in my hide in comparison to His greatness
Give me Abba love, day in, day out, to fill me because no one else will or can
Only to prove the glory the Son beholds for us all

Lillie DuncanComment