Our bodies are just dust
our hearts are but Yours

So come
Come for I call on You

What a broken place I reside in
Full of words and memories that
only time can own
...for now

For every letter protruding out is like
the breeching of my insides 

You, Time, Dust
all front forth
here now
claiming what is yours

Well, what if I told you I used your breath of glory to whiten my own eyes
for I could not see

What if I told you I used your minutes to relearn how to circulate
for I could not breathe

What if I told you I would rather be covered in His dust then my own
for I can not be

Would you come back now
to save a derelict soul 

Take the place of time
can you take it back
And sew what’s been reaped

For following minds
I have no mystery to offer you
just this plead
bare as my heart
waiting for the truth to be revealed
exposing all the layers
entrenched in the shelter of my bones
For how long must I wait? 
Didn’t I hear your whispers
Didn’t I respond
Transcending fears
Embedded lies

So come
Come for I call on You
Build me a new

Lillie DuncanComment