Beautiful Resurrection

I follow intently, 
asphyxiate in place of your dust, 
[letting it settle like silt] 
in the vacuous cavities
where I bled out the devil.
Let me breathe more like you.

Trade the lining of my eyes for your glossy retreat, 
to see good in all,
to be at peace,
to shine more, 
to love more, 
to be encompassed with joy while blood washes our feet.
We are all just dying at the hands of men. 

Conform these muscles to flow beyond where others bind them.
With your freedom, I am constantly anew. 
[Constantly becoming who I have been made to be.]
Take the bewildered dishonesties that I laid back out for you.
[Fervidly seeking you.]

Exchange this reflection
in to one that emulates more of you
and less of these humanly selfish desires.
Probe within, letting nothing harden, 
all for your glory.

Bring your Kingdom down;
These bright eyes set afire.

Oh Lord, bring your Kingdom on down in me.

Lillie DuncanComment