My eyes, they burn a light reflecting precisions and finalize
They have been submerged so much, held so tightly to measuring heights
When I say I am free, you know it’s coming down like rays
Freedom has taken manifestation inside the lids of my shelter,
No closed eyes can hide you from this detonation

My poor pelt has been stifled and saturated
I came up for the greatest inhaling of all life could offer,
No dust, no pollen could fill these lungs,
No false realities, no confining lies can hide you from this ignition

And that which melts off you is much greater than I had thought
Holding the purest of reflections, the sun shines through your glass eyes

My lungs, they are filled with the greatest of breaths
The taste of appeal follows down every inch of liberating air
I’d breathe you in again
No plastic trees can still the life in that lets me just exist,
Nor will it ever steal the purest of air I breathe.

Alleluia, I am alive, I am alive, and I am alive.

Lillie DuncanComment