Thoughts on Identity

Lillie Duncan Telluride

When we emerge earthside, into this world, each one of us begins an ongoing conversation. The conversation of all things. We are set apart. We are different from all other living creation. From the earliest age we see it, we feel though it was simply written onto our hearts, into our being...that there is something in us that is so much more than the created world around us.

When we quiet the mind. When we accept the invitation of silence, we begin to see the conversation within ourselves, always there, always searching.

Our words, our seeking, our actions, our pursuit...what we love, what we chase, what we cherish, all parts of the ongoing conversation. Each mountain top, every desolate valley, the steep cliff along foreign coastlines, the fragrant smell of spring after the longest winter, the sound of a hummingbird hovering, the sight of trees as old as your ancestors, the taste of summer rain...every natural beauty reflecting and beckoning the conversation to continue within you.

Can you hear it? The ongoing conversation between you and this world? The primal sense and need of know who you are, who you were created by, and above all, to know your rightful place in the creation of all things.

I have learned, the more I am willing to step into the unknown of life, the mystery of this age, this conversation goes deep. Yet, not without an answer.

Our identity is found in the search, and with it our purpose, our place in this world.

Lillie DuncanComment