Lillie Duncan | Poetry

Lillie Duncan Poet Writer Film Photographer


The sun is warmer today
Earth submitting to the pull of time
Flowers blooming out of dormancy
All signs point to the miracle of life
Even out of sheer darkness

I am wrapped in an unbridled quiet
So piercing that I merely throw myself down at the desperation of worlds within me
The silence carves its twisting course through the landscape of my life
Pressing thinly into the years I have carried with me

Seeing you now from a light far outside my mind
The greatest struggle, not knowing
Not having any real idea of when or how

A part of me, traveling far outside just to see
The marks imprinted on my heart
Scent of a life known and unknown lingering
Coming and going with the wind
Much like the words, any words, these words
The bookends of my life

The sun upon my skin
Wind wrapping a simple truth around me
Comforting me with the promise of new life
Even at the end of myself

Below the complexity
I simply love what I love