Gather the Village: Loving Your Self

Lillie Duncan - Writer, Poet, Photographer, Yoga Therapist

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“…Loving yourself takes a lot of compassion. You have to come into agreement and forgiveness with your self for abandoning the parts of you that are needed and crucial. Then, you have to get to know yourself. This is part of the reason I am so ruthless with knowing everything I can about Meyer-Briggs, Enneagram, and Strength Finders...I had to find out how I worked, what the pitfalls might be, and then ways to thrive. After spending a few years exploring these different avenues I really came to an understanding that we are all created so incredibly unique and differently, and different is not to be should be celebrated and cultivated.

Learning to love myself in this way gave me the tools to love others in such deeper, more meaningful ways. It gave me the tools to Know and be Known. When we are known, we have freedom. Freedom allows for us to love others as we have loved ourselves.

Loving others, one person at a time is what slowly changes the world, but that journey has to start with you. YOU have to start with YOU.”

- Lillie Duncan

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