Poetry: Lost Coast

Lillie Duncan

Out across a pristine sand line
Earth paints its master piece of harmony
Land submerging beneath ocean
Sky bowing its will to the sea
Reflections of worlds barely seen
All the while weather comes and goes
I incline my eyes to see the crescent moon
Hanging gently on the last ray of light
Reminding me of my rightful place

Along the shore are rocks that come forth
Life stirring quietly around each pocket of sand
And beneath the rocks are hidden things
And beneath the hidden things are more hidden things
Simply the beginning and ending of life one existing only with the other
Such balance no hand could possibly grasp

This day of all days
I kneel while staring across the edge of this coast
My body sinks itself deeper into the sand beneath
Still warm from what I knew of this day
Even with the grandiose burden buried in the cavity of my chest
Smallness is what I feel with a hint of trepidation upon the merge of shadows

Just one step past my own threshold
I come into full awareness that of all the oceans
This ocean could ruin me

With its depths and unknowns it could take me out where the sky touches the sea
Far beyond where I tend to keep myself safe
Each wave could take me under and leave me sideways back where I started
Along the shore of myself

And still, I am called here time and time again
To sit with each of my fears
Naming them one by one
Life and death and everything in between
Perhaps to face the timeless truths of this life
To learn the balance of fear and life
And beneath the truths are hidden things
And beneath the hidden things, its merely our own reflection

For me, there is no sea that parts this time
No pillar of cloud by day and no pillar of fire by night
No manna to feed the hunger within
Yet the pull is still bringing me further in
One wave at a time
One step at a time
To an ocean, this ocean, at this time

Everything I have ever feared
Everything I have ever loved
All within a force and weight so much greater than I

How do I even begin to trust the wave that can take me under
Or rise my restless body up to touch the hem of a new day
Where the sky kisses the ocean upon the distant horizon
Framed by days end and nights beginning
Where fear meets mortality and transcends life

Upon no merit of my own
Upon whose waters will I surrender
Upon whose hand will carry me now

The world moves on
The world moves on
The world moves on

-Lillie Duncan