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Part Three Thoughts

Part Three is a section that I read through so fast and only because I can not absorb the wisdom fast enough. So, my first introduction to Wayne Muller was through his book Sabbath. It is hands down one of the best books I have ever read. It speaks right into the heart of every human and gives an answer to the questions we did not know we were carrying around. In part three of the book we are reading now, I see how he builds on his previous book. He digs into our relationship with our worth, time, and impermanence. We can fill our lives with so many expectations, obligations, material things, and worries that we become barely capable of even knowing what enough looks like, let alone feels like. We lose sight of what is most important, we forget to honor the small miracles in life, and we bypass ourselves in the process. Which is a big deal. You were created to enjoy this life, even with the sobering heartaches attached to living. You were created for purpose also, so when you spend your time disconnected, overwhelmed, and ridden with the weight of the world it is easy to not fully know your worth and miss the innate call on your life.  

When you sit and read some of these chapters, underline words and phrases that touch you. Save the parts that you struggle with internally. Then think on these things. Examine your heart. Examine your daily patterns.

I will be honest, I was on a plane ride from Dallas to Los Angeles when I read the Loss and Impermanence chapter...and it undid me. Hard truths, but we need these truths to fully feel and understand the importance of really living life NOW because no day is promised to us. Lately, after putting into practice a lot of what I learned from Wayne, I am now able to slow down more. I am able to really see the significance and beauty of really small moments, like the way my son lines up his cars in a row on my bathroom counter. The way my daughter sings as she is coloring. The way the sun always comes in through the back of the house at the same time each day creating shadows and bringing warmth. Life seems more colorful in these moments. At the same time, I know that it won’t always be this way. I know that things will change. I also know that my knowledge is limited, I do not know what is actually instore for me today. So with that awareness, I hold each one of those moments close to my heart. I appreciate them in a new way. I feel the immense joy hidden within the everyday moments of life. Moments I used to easily pass by in efforts to hustle, work harder, have a perfect house, look a certain way….you name it.

If that section was hard for you to read too, I am right there with you. Press into that feeling though. See what treasures are hidden beneath whatever you must work through to get to a place of enough in your everyday life.


“As a child of the Spirit, you are simply this: light of the world. You carry a spark of divine fire.” (pg 75)

“When we move in jagged and hurried ways, it becomes impossible to see, recognize, or drink deeply from any beauty, wonder, or grace in anything or anyone in our path.” (pg. 80)

Speaking of worry….“While neither healing nor repairing anything at all, is saturates us with stress and uses all our attention to project fear and weakness into every possible future disaster. We manufacture catastrophic expectations, which cause our biological and nervous systems to remain forever on full, exhausting alert.

More importantly, worry steers us away from trusting in our own essential wholeness, wisdom, and strength to be able to handle, in the moment, whatever we are given. It denies any capacity or recognize, when the time comes, the next right thing to do.” (pg. 80)

“More than additional classes, lessons, adventures or toys, our own children will likely let us know what they most want, crave, desperately need, is our presence. What they long for most is a single moment of shared presence, to offer us what they have found, what they have seen, something only shared when they feel held by our undistracted, unhurried time and attention.” (pg. 82)

“To relentlessly force the tender wisdom, thoughtful reflection, and perceptive honesty of the human heart to conform to the ridiculously impossible, inhuman speed of the world, to its ever-increasing mind-driven technologies, is to cause violence to our most precious and valuable treasure: the necessary guidance of the human heart.” (pg.86)

“For every moment of loss there is a corresponding moment of unexpected joy, celebration, healing, success, beauty, grace, and love.” (pg. 97)

Questions to think about?

What sections were hardest to read?

How do you feel about the law of impermanence?

In what ways have you felt your heart shift as you have been reading this book?

Do you place your value in what you do?

Is sitting still hard for you? Why? What will you meet in that space?

How often do you show mercy for yourself? Towards others?

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