Lillie Duncan - Big Magic

This book was such a beautiful reprieve following February’s Book Club selection. I feel sad to admit I have never read anything by Elizabeth before and never saw the movie they produced after her Eat, Pray, Love book. However, now I would like to go back and read everything.

In this particular book, her style of writing and communicating was as if the reader and her were chatting over coffee. Honest, rich in content, palatable, and really vulnerable. I also loved that she talked about a few of my favorite living poets as well!

Addressing her perception of creativity...I think she nailed it. This relationship that we as created human beings have with this notion of creativity, it is full of unknowns. Such is life. What we create is the magic in this world, how it comes to us is magic, how it touches others is magic...and yet it's not even for others.

Depending where you are in life, this book may resonate differently. For me, this whole book was like a simple letter of permission to go create whatever I wanted to in this world free of fear. Which was perfect timing. In the world of photography and painting, there is a lot of praise and reciprocity. In the realm of writing there are a lot of rejection letters. A lot. Here is what I have come to learn about rejection letters...the majority of the time it has nothing to do with my work and everything to do with the other person's perception or need. Isn’t it so easy to take it personal though and close down the doors of our creative heart simply off of the perception and opinion of another? All of the examples Elizabeth gave were encouraging to read.

My other thoughts on this book were around the act of being creative. Our God is a creative God. He created heaven and earth, you and I. He creates daily with paintings across the sky. His creativity has never stopped. It is an energy that we can tap into and join. When I am most creative it is a sense of delight, a sense of play. Creating something out of nothing. What a beautiful reflection that is of our Creator. Even if no one sees our creativity, even if it never leaves the walls of your and I still get to take part in the magic God used to create all things.

I think that's beautiful. Creating is bigger than us. It is a gift that we all carry.

What holds you back?
What have you wanted to create?
Do you believe that creation can come from ordinary everyday living?
Do you feel captive by the thoughts and rejections of others?

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