Guidelines for SHE Rises story

Please make sure your story is written in the first person and have a beginning, middle and an end.

  1. Show, don’t just tell. Take the reader through the emotions you felt personally at the time. Your words have power, lead your story to the point of hope that has been written into who you are now. Include hope, connection, and passion.

  2. Don’t begin with an introduction, begin right in the middle of the event, conversation, or action. Let the reader see the story as though they were you. Your words, your perspective, your thoughts.

  3. Be raw. DO NOT HOLD BACK. If there was ever a place to speak your truth, this is the time. This is the place. Don’t be afraid to own your story.

  4. End with HOPE. End with the type of hope you needed when you were walking through your darkest night.

  5. Your story needs to be anywhere from 1,000 words to 2,500 words.

  6. Your story has to be true and it has to be yours!

  7. You can submit a story under an anonymous name or real name.