After helping to open a Private Functional Medicine Practice in 2016. Lillie opened up a Yoga and Barre studio in Keller, Texas called Kairos Yoga.

Lillie’s Weltanschaüng, the basis for her belief system, is largely an understanding that we are comprised of three parts: the mind, the body, and the soul. Far too often in our day to day functioning we utilize only one or two of these components. We tend to elevate one while suppressing the others. Because of this, we are unable to care for each one properly. Having spent the better part of a decade working within the Functional Medicine and Fitness community, the lack of connectivity to all three - mind, body and spirit - became apparent to her, even here. We too often focus on healing one facet individually when we should be treating them as one. Her goal with Kairos was to create a space where after trauma and through grief, individuals can reconnect to parts of themselves that are dying to be seen and heard through movement and community. Here, she aims to offer people a community, a tribe, focused on transparency and unconditional love. It is a space in which to gather together where we can remember how to function from that place of mind, body, and soul. It is somewhere she has needed in her own life.

Kairos is an intersection in your journey. One that will help her clients remember what it is like to breathe and move again. It is a place that will guide you deeper into self awareness and a deeper love for others and for yourself. Lillie has created a community of people that will ask the hard questions along side of you: What are the the things in life that I hold on to? What areas of life are no longer serving me? How can I extend kindness farther today? How can I forgive myself and others today?