Lillie’s book Club- 2019

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There is power in words. Power to bring awareness, start a conversation within, and bring enlightenment to ourselves and others through the mere discussion of words. For 2019 my goal is to implore others to read and begin their own journey inward. I picked books that have encouraged my journey, nourished my soul, and challenged me in beautiful ways.

Each month we will read one book! Every Monday I will post some thoughts and some questions to my IG account. (I am not a big Facebook fan.) At the end of every month I will do a IG live where we can chime in and discuss some of the thoughts and ideas in the books.

How to Join:

  1. Use the Form below to signup.

  2. Join me on Instagram every Monday and at the end of every month with your thoughts and questions.

  3. Read all of the books or just some of them. I would love to have you join me no matter what you can personally commit to!

  4. Tag me (@lillie.duncan) and share your reading journey. I would love to follow alongside of you and encourage you!

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The Book List

  1. Strength Finders 2.0- Tom Rath

  2. Man’s Search for Meaning- Victor Frankl

  3. To Be Told- Dan Allender

  4. Waking the Tiger- Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick

  5. House of Belonging- David Whyte

  6. Sabbath- Wayne Mueller

  7. The Invitation- Oriah Mountain Dreamer

  8. Emotional Intelligence 2.0-Travis Bradberry

  9. Hold Me Tight- Sue Johnson

  10. Devotions- Mary Oliver

  11. Attached- Amir Levine

  12. Consolations- David Whyte