My husband and I looked at each other  last night in amazement at how fast time rushed by us this past year. After our son, Elias Nathaniel, was born in October I have just been in this whirlwind, trying to keep up. After almost losing his life in November we just recently found out, through months of tests and investigating, that Elias has a rare genetic disease. 

All at the same time, Jake and I opened up a Functional Medicine Clinic in Keller, TX...our dreams coming true! So, needless to say my plate has been over flowing. I believe in simplicity... so at the moment I am taking things off my plate so that I can enjoy where we are in life right now and enjoy my precious babies while they are so young. 

I have felt led to place photography (as a business) to the side for the rest of this year so that I can breathe and focus on family. I hope to still shoot for myself and as a hobby until I am ready to accept new clients again! 

One of my greatest fears is to live a "busy" life. It is over glorified and steals the joy out of living. I want to make much of this time I have, taking walks, riding bikes, snuggling, smelling flowers, cooking together, making memories, watching clouds go by, running with the breeze...I want to teach my children to truly live and love life.

Beware the barrenness of a busy life.
— ~ Socrates

I hope you can join me in simplifying your life as well. 


Lillie DuncanComment